Welcome all to the brand new home of Michael David. 

       Welcome to the new home of Michael David. For those of you that know who I am let me say welcome back and thank you to all the new comers that are here checking me out. For those of you that don't know me I would like to tell you what I do here.

       I'm not here to sell you on how I am the greatest capper in the business. I'm not here to take your money for my two cents and then follow it up with a chase game.  I'm not going to go on and on about what my background is and how great I've been and make up stories and records. I'm not going to give you my advice on every game, every sport, etc... I focus on what I know. You wont see me diving into hockey, tennis, fights etc. I rely on what I know and that's football, march madness an the occasionally some baseball. 

       I don't play every day or every game. I will however spend hours researching and reading and I just don't put the teams into a hat and go from there. I'll give you everything that I see on the page for that day and what looks good to me. I will only be posting here and my only goal is to help guide all of us into the right direction. I range my plays from my 1 to 10 star plays (please check out my star rating system page). You wont see a 10 star play come out just because were either up big or down big. These plays are rated based on what I feel. I can go weeks without putting a 5 star play or higher out there. If long time success and money management is what your want then follow along and enjoy the ride