Where else do all the great stories start at besides...

It all started one day at home on a Friday night as a little tike. Michael sat down and was watching television and in walked his father who handed him a Parlay Card from the local firehouse. His Dad said pick 4 or 5 and give it back to me. Michael ran upstairs to his room and shut the door. He returned later in the evening and handed it back to his dad. A few days later they sat down to Sunday Dinner and his Father said well I guess I owe you a little something for winning me money. That was the first taste of it and from there he was hooked. 


Fast forward several years and the taste grew and grew. He was introduced to some characters who showed him the ways and the ins and outs of the business. He developed a niche for finding that diamond in the rough. It was a small crew locally who followed him and would get the random question at the bar, the text or call on a Sunday morning "hey who do you like today?" or "what do you think of this?" It was then a few years ago he decided to go outside the inner circle and let his knowledge be known and started his Blog. He would put all his picks out there for the world to see and judge. There was no smoking mirros, no bullshit just him and the love of sports and picking the right side of Vegas. 


How here we are at his brand new home and expanding his reach and client database. Once again it all will be documented and shown for everyone to see. With a new rating system, and all new clients he will continue to deliver what is expected, and that's winners and money management. Please feel free to browse around and learn his rating system, past records, and more important the game that he continues to win year in and year out.