Here you will find all of Manny Johsnon's picks and his past records. 

Sunday February 7th

Super Bowl is here and as I release this play from my villa at the Bellagio over looking the fountains the line on this one is KC -3. Hasn't moved all week after watching tickets pouring in. I sip on my scotch one more time and I began to write this down. Tom Brady is the GOAT. Its that simple. Lets add into the fact that he is playing home. Home field advantage is what Tom does in the playoffs. He is an insane 20-4 ATS when playing at home in the playoffs. Not to sound like a broken record but teams do not repeat easily as champions, and if this last year and beginning of this year has taught us anything its that this world is F***ed up! Don't go against greatness. Take the free points with the Bucs. 


Bonus play in this one is on the Under. Joe Public loves the Over and they have been hammering it home all week. Go against them and take under the posted total. Cheers to this one as it fills the private jet home! 

YTD picks from Manny Johnson

1/17 Cleveland +7.5 W

1/16 Baltimore +2.5 L

1/10 Baltimore -3.5 W

1/9 Washington +9.5 W

1/3 Lions +3.5 W

12/27 Rams +1.5 L 

12/26 Browns -6.5 W

12/13 Texans -1 L

12/6 3T Par Atl, Arz, Hstn L

11/29 Jets +7 L

11/22 Miami -3 L

11/8 Buffalo +3 W

11/8 Colts +1 L

11/1 49ers +2 L

10/18 49ers +3 W

10/18 Jags +3 L

10/11 Steelers -7 W

10/4 Dolphins +5.5 L

10/4 Carolina +3 W

10/4 Raiders +3 L

9/27 Vikings +3 W

9/27 Panthers +6 W

9/20 Seahawks -4.5 W

9/20 Lions +7 L

9/13 Atlanta +1.5 L

9/13 Carolina +3 L