What you missed from Michael David

    Championship Sunday is here and for the first time in awhile we have 2 games showing similar lines. First up is the surprise Titans as they travel to the 2 seed to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. This line is a touchdown and at some places the hook is in play. What more can I say that I haven’t said about this Titan team? I have road them the past 2 weeks as they have just been cashing. They remind me of those pesky 6 seeds that just don’t know they are the 6 seed. I am going to back them yet again in this one as laying a touchdown in this game is just to much. Especially with a team that runs the ball as well as they do. Big Red on the other hand has a habit of being one of the best regular season coaches but struggles in the big ones. I am not saying he will loose this one but expect the Chiefs to struggle to cover this large number and take the Titans one last time for a 3* play.

    The NFC has the matchup that the NFL wanted. #1 will host #2 as the Packers had to Santa Clara to take on the 49ers. Once again we have a touchdown line if not more in this one so I will encourage you to shop around for the best possible number. So lets dive into this matchup and the teams more importantly. Mark my words with this one that this line is off but 3-7 points! That’s right I said it and when its off like that we must capitalize on it. The Packers come into this one with a 13-3 record (14-3) if you count last week. 7 of those wins was 7 points or less against teams that didn’t even sniff the playoffs. They beat Washington, Detroit twice, Carolina, Chicago, The Giants, you get where I am going with this one. The 3 losses were to Division winners and the Chargers but all 3 ran the ball down there throats. I don’t expect anything less today. This is a very physical, fast, disciplined 49er defense that will take control of this game and the Packers wont have an answer until its to late. Lay the touchdown in this one, shit lay it -10 for all that I care for a monster 7* play on the 49ers!